About US

Cretas powerfully supports clients' production activities by providing clients with technologies and services responding to all business processes. From planning and development through to production phases we use our accumulated processing technology with our product supply that makes best use of our own network.

Our sales engineers have detailed knowledge of various production sites.

Our sales engineers with expert knowledge on industrial rubber and plastic will discuss client's needs thoroughly in close cooperation with our processing division, and propose solutions which best solves our client's concerns.

We have the technology to respond to clients' needs on specially processed belts.

As a technologically capable trading company with its own processing division, we have a wealth of experience in custom processing of resin conveyor belts. With our plentiful know-how accumulated over many years, we can respond to a variety of clients' needs flexibly and comprehensively.

Finished products

●Conveyor belt

●Conveyor belt for foodstuffs

●Conveyor belt with cleats and guides

●Conveyor belt for inclines

We have our own supply network to provide information and products which best suit each client.

With our own network of many suppliers and collaborating factories/plants, we can rapidly provide our clients with valuable information and high quality products.

Product offering

●Thermoplastic Conveyor Belts, Timing Belts, Pulleys, Plastic Modular Belts

●Conveyor Systems and Components

●Industrial Rubber and Plastic Products

●Pneumatic Equipment, Tube/Fittings, Industrial Hose

Main manufacture

●Bando Chemical Industries, Habasit, Mitsuboshi, Nitta

●Junkosha, Nitta Moore

●Kanaflex, Toyox, Totaku Industries, Tigers Polymer Corporation


Corporate Data

Cretas Co.,Ltd.
Genichi Ajisaka
Head Quarters
1-30-2, Nanakuni, Hachioji, Tokyo 192-0919, Japan