Technology技術+想い=ソリューションPassion 技術+想い=ソリューションSolution

We continue to be a firm that stands together with our customers to support
them with the necessary solution using our accumulated networks and processing technologies.

ABOUT USThe Passion of Cretas

Cherishing the trustful relationship with our customers,
by sincerely listening to their words.

We take great care of our customers from the manufacturing sectors (i.e. Development, Design, or Production) because we believe that fully understanding their needs or tasks is the first step in creating a trustful relationship with them.
In addition, we continue to strengthen our technologies such as procedure designing and our unique processing technology, which has been brushed up through aircraft interior items or resin belts for conveyance, as well as production technology that has been fostered through implementing our facilities in various fields of food production sector. Furthermore, our procurement network allows us to provide the best product and information for our customers, which we regard as another uniqueness of Cretas. We aim to be a firm that creates a value and supports the solution of our customers’ tasks through the above technologies and procurement networks.




To those in the field of manufacturing

  • 【設計・技術の方へ】

    To those in the development/design department.

    We support to solve the tasks in your products such as “weight reduction,” “miniaturization,” “designing,” or “cost down,” by using our knowledges in rubber/plastics, experiences in selecting/processing of conveyance belt, our designing procedures in how to create the designed parts, and development techniques of necessary jigs.
  • 生産技術・製造技術の方へ

    To those in the production/manufacturing technology department.

    We support to solve the tasks in your manufacturing procedures such as “manpower-saving,” “speeding up the process,” or “improvement of safety” with our knowhows in developing/manufacturing the material handling equipment that meets our customers’ distinctive needs based on our knowledges in belt conveyer or selection of conveyance belt and special processing technologies.
  • 製造・生産管理の方へ

    To those in the manufacturing/production management department.

    We support to solve the tasks in your factory such as “improvement of the maintenance,” “steady operation,” “reduction of manufacturing process,” or “mitigation of management,” with our suggestion of a suitable procurement/creation or improvement of parts in maintaining/replacing the facilities, small-to-full support towards “design-procure-produce-assembly” of machine equipment, and more.


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